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Notable Events

Every June, Livermore hosts the "World's Fastest Rodeo," which claims to have more riders per hour than any other event of its type.  
There are several wine tasting tours of the many Livermore area wineries that occur periodically throughout the summer, as well as the Livermore Wine Country Festival every May.
A weekly farmer’s market where you can find fresh produce, treats and entertainment.
The Bankhead Theater is a great place to enjoy the performing arts with a steady stream of concerts and theatrical performances.
Don’t miss the Annual Holiday Sights & Sounds Parade and the Tree Lighting celebration.

Resident Feature

Evelyn was born in Oakland, California in 1937. She grew up on a 4.5 acre farm, gathering chicken eggs while trying to avoid the ornery roosters “Oh if you weren’t careful, they would sneak up behind you and scratch the heck out of your legs” She says with a laugh!
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At age seven her family moved to Lafayette and she later attended Acalanes High School. After graduation she decided to enroll at Bethany Bible College “They used to call it Bethany Bridal College, and sure enough I got married one year later.”  Evelyn and her husband had two sons but that didn’t stop her from working.  “I always worked, my whole life.” In¬ her twenties, she remembers driving a school bus for students with special-needs.  “I would take them from Stockton to Tracy, then to Manteca, and back home again. I loved  it!” She giggles as she tells the story of being led through the fog by a highway patrol officer “It was so foggy, he led all of us right into a muddy field because he couldn’t see where he was going, and when he got out of his patrol car, he stepped shin-deep into wet mud”  Later she worked as a supervisor for the V.A. Outpatient clinic, and eventually partnered with her husband to open an espresso stand in Roseburg, Oregon. They started with one espresso stand and it was so successful that it grew to seven locations, all selling coffee and Evelyn’s baked goods.
Four years ago she moved back to California, and while she left the espresso stand behind, she still enjoys sipping a cup on her patio on a sunny morning.  “I love taking my espresso, then doing a little gardening, and taking walks around the neighborhood with friends… here I feel like I have a family.”
As I was wrapping up my conversation with Evelyn, I asked if she’d done much traveling. “Well, I moved 30 times in 57 years of marriage!”
“30 times?” I replied
Then she started listing all the cities she had lived in “Manteca, Tracy, Livermore, Seattle, Issaquah, Roseburg…”
“Wow” I replied “What have you learned from living in so many places?”
She laughed and said “I learned how to pack!”

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